Honorable Steve Kagen, M.D.

Wisconsin's former 8th District Representative

January 4, 2007 to December 22, 2010

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Waupaca County

  • Utility Tool and Trailer, Inc of Clintonville, WI ($1.6 million) – This money will be used to develop cutting-edge alloys and advanced materials, and to expand the company’s workforce in Clintonville. The Army is restructuring its forces to rely more on medium and light combat and combat-support vehicles in lieu of the heavy systems characteristic of the past.  High performance aluminum alloys and advanced manufacturing and assembly processes will be required in items ranging from lightweight trailers to military bridging and shelters.  Requested by Utility Tool and Trailer, Inc. for Fiscal Year 2008. 
  • Utility Tool and Trailer, Inc of Clintonville, WI ($800,000) — This funding will be used to construct smaller and more versatile high-performance aluminum military trailers.  It is significant because the army requires smaller trailers for the new challenges it faces in its urban warfare and counterterrorism missions.  This type of warfare relies on medium and light combat support vehicles rather than heavy weapons systems.  Requested by Utility Tool and Trailer, Inc. for Fiscal Year 2008.   
  • Congressman Kagen introduced the Rural Veterans Health Care Access Act (H.R. 4123), which would create a pilot program to allow vets living more than 30 miles from a Department of Veterans Affairs facility with a licensed mental health provider to receive vouchers to pay for counseling at a licensed private facility. 
  • Mobile Computer System – Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department ($170,000) – The funds secured would be used to purchase and install mobile computer systems in their patrol cars.  Mobile computers would increase efficiency by allowing patrol staff to write electronic forms, citations and accident reports.  Requested by Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department for Fiscal Year 2009. 

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