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Kagen, DePere Firefighters Promote Fire Safety on First Day of Summer


June 21, 2010



Event also highlighted new equipment acquired through federal grant


DEPERE, WI- Today, Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. joined DePere Fire Chief Robert Kiser and firefighters at the DePere Fire Station to promote fire safety as summer officially begins.  The event also highlighted vital new equipment that the fire station was able to purchase thanks to a recent federal grant.

“The grant we received greatly improves the safety of the fire fighters and emergency service providers who are truly our first line of protection,” said Chief Kiser.   “To protect our community, we must first protect ourselves with quality equipment.  Thanks to Congressman Kagen’s continued support of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant, we were able to replace critical old and worn out equipment.”

In 2010 alone, Congressman Kagen has assisted fifteen different fire departments across Northeast Wisconsin, including DePere Fire and Rescue, with grants to help them keep our communities safe.  These grants are timely as we head into the summer season when fireworks, barbequing and dry forests contribute to a greater threat for fires.

“I applaud the professionals standing up here with me today and the many volunteer fire fighters as well,” said Dr. Kagen standing among a group of fire fighters.  “Today is about partnership between the federal government and local professionals.  By working together, we can keep our Northeast Wisconsin communities safe for all of us.”

Also present at the event was Michael Woodzicka, President of the Professional Fire Fighters Association of Wisconsin, who discussed fire precaution and fire safety.

“There are a number of precautions we urge people to take at this time of year, said Woodzicka.   “One is to be extra careful with home barbecues.  Every year, nearly 900 fires are caused by grills.  We must also be careful when building campfires, keeping water handy and never using gasoline, and leave the fireworks to the professionals.”

According to the US Fire Administration, just under 10,000 Americans are injured by fireworks and almost 5,000 are injured by charcoal/wood-burning and propane grill fires every year. In 2007, 64 percent of fireworks injuries occurred between June 22 and July 22. (FEMA)

In Wisconsin, on lands protected Department of Natural Resources, approximately 1,500 fires burn more than 5,000 acres annually.  Over 90% of these fires are human-caused. (WI DNR).



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