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Kagen Recognizes Wisconsin Educators for Their Commitment to Excellence

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May 4, 2010



Congressman marks Teacher Appreciation Day in House of Representatives

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. recognized Greenville Middle School’s Jennifer Koenecke and Green Bay Edison’s Nancie Brennan in the the U.S. House of Representatives.

The two teachers are the most recent to become National Board Certified in the 8th District of Wisconsin and are being highlighted in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day.

Dr. Kagen’s official remarks will appear in the congressional record and follow:

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, I come to the floor to recognize two outstanding educators from Northeast Wisconsin.

Greenville Middle School’s Jennifer Koenecke and Green Bay Edison’s Nancie Brennan exemplify what we hope to see in all of our teachers. 

As the newest National Board Certified teachers in the 8th Congressional District of Wisconsin, they demonstrated a commitment to taking their teaching practice and the teaching profession to a different level.

We entrust teachers with the nurture and care of our most precious resource—our children, and we are grateful to them not only for the security they provide, but for the example they set. 

For Jennifer Koenecke and Nancie Brennen, their leadership and the example they set extends not only to the students they teach, but to the peers who surround them.

Like board-certified medical doctors, teachers who become National Board Certified go through a rigorous year-long evaluation of their performance.

Each educator is measured against the most rigorous standards through an extensive series of performance-based assessments that include thorough analysis of the candidate’s classroom teaching and student learning.  

As a physician who has been three times board certified, I have a keen appreciation for the initiative and effort these women have made on behalf of the future of our children.  After all, if we get public education right, everything else will follow.  But if we get education wrong, not much else will matter. 

Today I’m proud to recognize Greenville Middle School’s Jennifer Koenecke and Green Bay Edison’s Nancie Brennan for getting it right.



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