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Kagen Announces $2.5 Million for Forest County


January 21, 2010



Department of Energy grant invests in renewable energy infrastructure, creates jobs

WASHINGTON, DC— Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. announced $2.5 million today from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support the Forest County Potowatomi Tribe’s proposal to implement an integrated renewable energy deployment plan.  This project will promote investment in clean energy infrastructure that will create jobs, help the community provide long-term renewable energy and save consumers money.

“I am working hard to bring our tax dollars back to Wisconsin to promote job growth and improve our communities,” said Dr. Kagen.  “This grant will not only improve the energy infrastructure of Forest County, but it will strengthen the local economy by employing the hard working people there.”

The Forest County project is one of five selected to receive a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.   In addition to improving this Northeast Wisconsin community, it will also serve as a model for other local governments nationwide to replicate, allowing other areas to design projects that fit their individual size and energy demands.

More details on the project follow:

The Forest County Potowatomi Tribe proposes to implement an integrated renewable energy deployment plan that will provide heating, cooling and electricity for the tribe’s governmental buildings, displacing natural gas and propane. The renewable energy installations will include: a 1.25 MW biomass combined heat and power facility that will provide heating, cooling and electricity; a biogas digester and 150 kW generation facility; three 100 kW wind turbines (788,400 kWh/year); and three dual-axis 2.88 kW solar PV panels (14,000 kWh/yr) located at the Tribe’s Governmental Center. DOE share: $2,500,000



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