Honorable Steve Kagen, M.D.

Wisconsin's former 8th District Representative

January 4, 2007 to December 22, 2010

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Kagen Secures Over $5 Million For Northeast Wisconsin

December 10, 2009


(WASHINGTON, DC)  Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. is working hard to invest our hard-earned tax dollars right here at home.  Kagen voted for the Omnibus Appropriations Act which provides short term help for the hardest hit Americans during this economic crisis, long term projects to grow our economy for years to come and over $5 Million in investments in Northeast Wisconsin.

“I am working hard to invest our tax dollars here at home in projects that create jobs and improve our community, said Dr. Kagen.  “These projects were requested by our local leaders who rely on me to bring federal funding back home.  I am going to bat everyday for families and businesses in Northeast Wisconsin and the results show.”

The bill invests $1.4 billion in training and support services for workers impacted by mass layoffs and plant closures.  It also provides additional funds for lending for firms having trouble borrowing funds in this market to support small businesses

The Omnibus Appropriations Act also expands funding for services to our veterans including increases for mental health services, health care in rural areas and assistance to homeless veterans.  Additionally, for the first time the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were included in the regular budgeting process, rather than hiding the costs.

Yesterday, Kagen voted to provide property tax relief to 30 million families nationwide, putting money in your pockets and extending tax credits for businesses, encouraging them create to higher wage jobs.

Kagen said, “We have taken actions to put our nation on the road to economic recovery. Everyone understands it will take time to succeed, but we are now moving in the right direction.”

In the 8th Congressional District, Congressman Kagen secured the following projects in the Omnibus Appropriations Act:

Green Bay Metro Transit, bus and facilities                                                                  $1.1 million
Brown County Public Library, renovations and updates                                                   $300,000
Emergency Shelter of the Fox Valley, housing for chronically homeless                             $340,900
Wisconsin State, modernizing surveying methods for transportation-related projects          $1 million
Green Bay YWCA, after-school programs                                                                     $600,000
Saint Norbert College, programs in science, technology, engineering and math                 $910,000
Marquette University School of Dentistry, Appleton/Eau Claire/Stevens Point clinics           $850,000
Lac du Flambeau Peter Christensen Health Center Dental Clinic expansion                        $140,000


You can read more about Kagen’s Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations Requests here

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