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Appleton To Receive $689,800 in Green Energy Funds

Posted on Sep 2, 2009 by

September 2, 2009

Contact:  Jake Rubin
(202) 225-5665


(APPLETON, WI) – Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. is proud to announce that the City of Appleton will receive funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to promote energy efficiency.  Through provisions of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program, Appleton will receive $689,800.  Under the program, funds are allocated to help communities improve energy efficiency, reduce energy use and fossil fuel emissions, and create green jobs.

“We are beginning to move in an energy efficient and energy independent direction in Northeast Wisconsin,” Congressman Kagen said. “This program will be a major boost to the City of Appleton and with winter around the corner, this investment provides an opportunity for conservation and innovation in our community that will save money and help to make us less dependent on foreign sources of energy.”

The award marks the first time that the EECBG program has been supported by the Recovery Act, which financed $3.2 billion nationwide.  Of that, approximately $2.7 billion will be distributed through formula grants to more than 2,300 cities, counties, states, and Indian tribes.  In addition, more than $400 million will be delivered through competitive grants, which will be paid through a separate, future Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Wisconsin was awarded $3,628,800.

Eligible activities include energy audits and building retrofits in the residential and commercial sector, the development and implementation of advanced building codes and inspections, and the creation of financial incentive programs for energy efficiency improvements.

“This will mean more green jobs for our region,” Kagen added.  “As we continue to take actions to put our economy on the road to recovery, we are focusing on programs that put people back to work.  Everyone understands this will take time, but we are heading in the right direction.”

Four Appleton facilities, including the Municipal Services Building, Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Park & Recreation Building and Library, have been targeted for refitting. This project will involve installation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on 19 motors, which are larger than 5HP that operate HVAC equipment at various City Facilities.  By adding the VFDs the electrical load will be reduced by 591,850 kilowatts annually, which equates to an annual energy savings of $67,224 and a payback time of 1.25 years, resulting from a 10-15 percent energy reduction in power use, according to the city.

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