Honorable Steve Kagen, M.D.

Wisconsin's former 8th District Representative

January 4, 2007 to December 22, 2010

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Green Bay/Brown County

  • Last Congress, Representative Kagen voted for the College Cost Reduction Act (H.R. 2669), which is largest investment in Higher Education since the GI BILL.  This measure, which was enacted into law, will cut interest rates in half by 2011, and increase Pell grants by $490 next year to a maximum of $5,400 by 2012.  Students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and St. Norbert’s College will benefit from this new law. 
  • Harbor dredging in the Port of Green Bay ($4,722,000 w/Senator Herb Kohl) – The money will be used for on-going dredging and to eliminate the backlog.  The Army Corps of Engineers estimates funding could also be used to dredge an additional 60,000 cubic yards of critical shoals in the harbor, as well as to initiate the closure of Renard Island, and the completion of the Cat Island Section 204 study.  Requested by the Army Corps of Engineers for Fiscal Year 2008.   
  • Indoor Police Marksmanship & Training Range in the City of Green Bay, WI ($140,000) – The City’s Police Department needs to update its Marksmanship & Training Range.  Police Officers must use the range to meet department qualifications.  Most of the equipment is over 30 years old, and the department must use lead-free ammo at the range due to ventilation deficiencies.  Lead-free ammo is over 2 times the cost of standard lead ammo.   To shoot lead ammo, the department must rent a range at the local technical college.  Benefits of renovating the Training Range include: increased officer safety while at the range; the cost savings of less-expensive ammunition; and the ability to train with lead ammo in-house.  Requested by the City of Green Bay for Fiscal Year 2008.
  • Police Squad Car Video System in the City of Green Bay, WI ($270,000) – Currently, the City’s Police Department’s police squad or supervisor cars do not have video surveillance systems.  The funding would be used to install a video surveillance system in each car at a cost of $7000/car.   Benefits of equipping the cars include officer safety, an enhanced ability to investigate criminal violations and police actions, and increased efficiency in the criminal justice system.  Requested by the City of Green Bay for Fiscal Year 2008. 
  • Public Safety Video Surveillance & Archiving System in the City of Green Bay ($100,000) – The City’s current surveillance system, which monitors parts of the police department and Mayor’s office, uses analog equipment which is over 20 years old.  Funding would be used for the purchase of a new digital surveillance system that would also allow for the archiving of old data.  A new surveillance system would provide more security for both the Mayor’s office and the Police Department.  Requested by the City of Green Bay for Fiscal Year 2008.
  • Riverfront Boardwalk Development in Green Bay, WI ($400,000) – This funding will extend a boardwalk along the Fox River in downtown Green Bay and to make greater use of the waterfront with boat slips, fishing piers, a children’s splash area and private retail venues that would include restaurants and a market square.  Requested by the City of Green Bay for Fiscal Year 2008.   
  • Phase II Runway improvements for the Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay, WI ($1.5 million) – These funds are for pavement replacement, edge lights, and a drain along the length of the runway.   As the third largest airport in WI, Austin Straubel is a key part of Northeast Wisconsin’s economic growth and way of life.  It provides job opportunities for over 2,000 people in the region, and contributes over $120 million to the region’s economy.  Requested by Austin Straubel International Airport for Fiscal Year 2008.  
  • Representative Kagen spearheaded the effort to rename the Green Bay Community Based Outpatient Clinic after Milo C. Huempfner.  Last Congress, the Congressman introduced H.R. 2408, which implemented this change.  Milo Huempfner is the most decorated WWII vet in Brown County.  He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions around Christmas of 1944, single-handedly defending a Belgian town from an entire German armored column. 
  • Congressman Kagen led the endeavor to secure funding to allow the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to build an expanded Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Green Bay to serve the veterans of northeast Wisconsin.  This new facility will be able to serve nearly 4 times as many veterans as the current VA facility in Green Bay and is scheduled to open in October of 2010.
  • Last Congress, Representative Kagen supported passage of legislation that implemented the recommendations of the 9/11 Committee, which requires 100% screening of containers bound for the United States within 5 years at the Port of Green Bay; and mandates 100% screening of cargo within 3 years at airports, including Austin Straubel Airport.  
  • Congressman Kagen was instrumental in ensuring that a mandatory Country of Origin Labeling for meat was included in the 2007 Farm bill (H.R. 2419).  This measure, which was signed into law in 2008, will create new markets for interstate meat by lifting the former ban on interstate sales of meat. 
  • Joint Combat Support Trailer – Bay Industrial Group, De Pere ($3,200,000) – Army Tactical Trailers are used to transport equipment and supplies such as food, drinking water, ammunition, generators, shelters, communications command centers, medical supplies and emergency equipment.  This project would provide funding resources to upgrade outdated technologies with “state-of-the-art-smart-technology” in tactical trailers and equipment.  Requested by the Bay Industrial Group for Fiscal Year 2009.   
  • Brown County Police Radio Tower ($230,000) – Brown County recently bonded to build a $3.7 million County wide dispatch center, which will be constructed as part of the Brown County Jail that was opened in June 2001.  Dispatching for all Brown County police, fire, and rescue services that includes 42 agencies will be done from this center.  This funding will be used to construct the radio tower.  Requested by Brown County for Fiscal Year 2009. 
  • Green Bay Police Department Forensic Truck ($200,000) – This funding would replace the Green Bay Police Department’s Forensic & Disaster Recover Truck.  Its current truck is an antiquated fire department ambulance that is over 20 years old and requires constant maintenance.  The new vehicle will allow the department to provide on-site service and will allow the department to do most processing right at the scene of the incident.  Requested by the Green Bay Police Department for Fiscal Year 2009.   
  • Green Bay Police Department Drying Room ($40,000) – This funding would modernize the evidence drying room of the Green Bay Police Department so that evidence can be properly stored and preserved.  Requested by the Green Bay Police Department for Fiscal Year 2009.  
  • Green Bay Police Department Training Facility ($90,000) –This project would renovate existing space in the Green Bay Police Department to establish classroom space for a regional training facility at a significantly lower cost.  Requested by the Green Bay Police Department for Fiscal Year 2009.   
  • Dredged Material Disposal – Green Bay Harbor ($950,000) – This funding will be used for dredged material disposal.  Requested by the Army Corps of Engineers for Fiscal Year 2009.
  • Green Bay Harbor Operations and Maintenance ($5,212,000 w/Senator Herb Kohl) – These funds will be used for on-going dredging and to eliminate the backlog.  Requested by the Army Corps of Engineers for Fiscal Year 2009.   
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) Welding Program ($314,000) – The funding will be used to equip 32 welding stations at NWTC’s Green Bay and Marinette campuses to provide additional welding instruction.  Requested by NWTC for Fiscal Year 2009. 
  • Wisconsin Statewide Bus and Bus Facilities Capital Investment Program ($3,800,000) – These funds will replace transit buses over 15 years old; purchase vehicles to serve the elderly and persons with disabilities; and improve bus transfer facilities in several areas in Brown County.  Requested by WisDOT for Fiscal Year 2009. 

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