Honorable Steve Kagen, M.D.

Wisconsin's former 8th District Representative

January 4, 2007 to December 22, 2010

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Let’s Stop Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Posted on Jan 12, 2010

Protect our tax dollars by making sure that every government dollar spent is spent wisely. That’s why I’m asking you to help us identify instances of waste, fraud and abuse in government. If you see government funds being spent improperly please click on the link below: Click here to tell Dr. Kagen about waste, fraud […]

What takes effect immediately

Posted on Oct 30, 2009

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act What Takes Effect Immediately?   1) TAX CREDITS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Offers tax credits to small businesses to make employee coverage more affordable.  Tax credits of up to 35 percent of premiums will be available to firms that choose to offer coverage.  Effective beginning calendar year 2010.  (Beginning in […]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Posted on Oct 29, 2009

New Health Care Law: What’s in it for you? SAVING  LIVES Families may now have Peace of Mind.  No longer will a family go broke or lose their home, just because a loved one has an accident or gets sick.  Our nation’s new health care law will save lives and jobs by putting patients first, […]

Appropriations Requests

Posted on Mar 27, 2009

To ensure that our government is as accountable and as transparent as possible, Members of Congress must post all of their FY (fiscal year) 2010 appropriations requests on their website. As I work to secure funding to help the hardworking people of the 8th Congressional District, I will be regularly posting requests once they are […]

Protecting our Environment

Posted on Feb 12, 2009

As a physician I have been studying air quality for a quarter century.  I deeply appreciate the connections between a healthy environment and healthy people.  Wisconsin has a proud heritage of environmental activism, led by Aldo Leopold, Senator Gaylord Nelson – the father of Earth Day and our state’s Native Americans.  In the short term, […]

Health Care

Posted on Feb 12, 2009

As a physician, I see this crisis everyday.  For many of my patients, it’s either skip a pill or skip a meal.  We do not need socialized medicine, nor do we need more government control of our personal health.  I believe we can guarantee access to affordable care for every citizen by enacting these essential […]


Posted on Feb 12, 2009

I support our troops, but not failed policy.  We must do whatever it takes to secure our nation and keep hostilities from our shores. But after nearly six years of sacrifice by our brave soldiers, one thing is clear: we cannot afford to continue our costly involvement in the religious civil war in Iraq.  Our troops […]


Posted on Feb 12, 2009

To build a better future, we must become an energy independent nation.  Becoming energy independent will require a sense of shared sacrifice from everyone, but a well-conceived strategy will succeed when developed in the open, not behind closed doors.  We must emit less carbon dioxide, pollutants, and greenhouse gases and enable existing utilities to become […]


Posted on Feb 12, 2009

We all understand we can’t get something for nothing. What we really want is fair taxation, and this is the real principle that should guide our tax policy. I am working hard to ensure tax fairness and represent the best interests of all people in the 8th District. We also need to simplify our tax […]


Posted on Feb 12, 2009

America has always been the land of hope and opportunity, and those who were immigrants in the past have become the leaders of our future.  But past policies such as our "invisible border" and uncontrolled immigration have threatened our national security, increased health care costs, and sent our country’s educational costs through the roof.   […]

Economic Crisis: The Medicine We Need

Posted on Feb 12, 2009

We are engaged in the economic emergency of our generation and we need thoughtful leaders who have good judgment.   Our economy has been wounded by three simultaneous shots: a worldwide collapse in the financial markets, a severe credit crunch, and dramatic failures in our housing and automobile markets.  During the past few years, through […]


Posted on Feb 12, 2009

Today, like it or not, we are all living on the front lines.  By implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission on Homeland Security, we have taken a wise first step in securing ourselves. We must also secure our borders and do everything possible to reduce threats from nuclear weapons.  Terrorism is a tactic used by […]


Posted on Feb 12, 2009

During these challenging economic times, it is easy to understand why public confidence is at an all time low.  But I truly believe that good government will make the difference in our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.  What we need in government today are leaders with good judgment.  We’ve seen what […]


Posted on Feb 2, 2009

If we get public education right, everything else will follow.  But if we get education wrong, not much else will matter.   A great public education made a great difference in my life, and one of my top priorities is to constantly improve our public schools, universities, and technical colleges so they will make a […]

Stem Cell Progress

Posted on Feb 2, 2009

As a physician, I understand human illness and the personal suffering of patients and their families. That is why I sponsored legislation for stem cell progress to fulfill the promise of finding a cure for many life-altering and painful disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, juvenile diabetes, and spinal cord injuries.  Saying no to stem cell progress would […]

Greatest Challenges We Face

Posted on Feb 2, 2009

We must begin to think differently in America and find a better way to do things. During the past decade, our government lost its way and failed to listen to ordinary people. We must restore faith in our government, for good government will make a positive difference in people ‘s lives.  Let ‘s restore our faith […]

Problems we Face Together

Posted on Jan 26, 2009